Kyle Leonard Memorial Scholarship



The Kyle Leonard Memorial Scholarship was established to honor Kyle Leonard in all aspects of his life.   He was a straight-A student every quarter, every year of his young life.  He was proud of his grades and knew that a good education would open up doors for him later in life.  He was an encouraging teammate.   He did his best to make his teammates better, and his dedication in the weight room was meant not just for his betterment, but as an example to others.  Kyle was also a musician who used his many talents for Christ.  He and his brother Kevin led the praise music for their church youth group, with Kyle playing either the drums or the guitar.  He knew that there was more parts to life than just the mental and the physical, and that the spirit needed to be filled as well.

The qualifications reflect Kyle's attributes, as we believe that the scholarship recipient should as closely mirror Kyle as possible in heart and soul.

There are two scholarships available, one for a Wicksburg senior, in honor of the school that he attended and where so many of his friendships were made.   The second scholarship is for any graduating senior in Houston County, Alabama.  This includes both city, county, private, and public schools.  We know that Kyle would have reached out to help as many students as possible.

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Past Winners: