About Us

Kyle on Drums on Christmas 2013ROK Productions Inc. is about helping others.  We do not want anyone to have to experience the pain and loss that we have.  On September 20, 2014, tragedy struck our family with the suicide of our 14 year old son Kyle Leonard. Due to the awesome way he lived his life on this earth, his love for Jesus, desire to help others and love of Christian rock music, we desire to incorporate those things in our grief and healing journey.
We have established the Kyle Leonard Memorial Scholarship fund to help encourage the same kind of academic excellence that he displayed.  It is also something that he would have wanted done, as he was very kind, encouraging, and had a desire to help others.   To assist in funding that scholarship, we produce local concerts with positive Christian music targeted at a youthful audience.   We also provide awareness of issues surrounding suicide and grief to help prevent others from knowing the same pain personally.  



"I keep saying that a 14 year old should not have to have a legacy. But since Kyle does have to have one, then let us choose for it to be his example of befriending those in need, telling girls they are beautiful without all the make-up and fixing up, and being in the Word of God. (and loving Christian rock!)"

~ Devi Leonard