Legacy of my 14 year old, Kyle

(Originally Posted to Facebook on October 2, 2014)

I'm afraid that just a fb post would end up being too long. So, I'm doing an almost old fashioned 'note' on here. I just want to share some of the joy in the midst of our tragedy for folks who have been praying for us. First is the continued strength each day because of your prayers. We could seriously not get up each morning or put one foot in front of the other without you all going to God so often on our behalf!!! If you do not know, there are probably hundreds of people some in other parts of the world praying for us so much. I am amazed and humbled by the awesome friends we have, the praying communities we and you are a part of, and the power of God to sustain us. Just wow. If it were up to me, I'd be curled up in a ball in the corner and just not come out. But my life is not my own and ya'll are continually helping to hold us all up. Second, but not less important for sure, are the lives that are still being influenced for God by Kyle's influence. I don't feel free yet to give names because I know at least one individual needs to let their family know. But there has been an older boy accept Christ in our area because of Kyle's testimony. Then. last night at the memorial service in Caledonia, there was one teen that came to Christ and one that is now going to get help for suicidal thoughts. Praise Jesus that He is able to save and make whole. Please, hear me when I emphasize that all the good we get to experience through this horrible time is from Kyle's positive example and God's amazing character and love for us. I cling to all the stories I hear of Kyle befriending kids that others don't usually, how he constantly told girls they are beautiful without makeup and such, how he displayed his faith, etc. etc. etc. Wow, what an awesome 14 year old! My baby. The only thing I want anyone to glean from Kyle's actual death are the warnings for parents and children on how to avoid this pain in their own lives. So, through our pain we are able to accept the joy that God is graciously giving us. Lastly, I want to convey the mission that we are beginning to clue into through our pain. We desperately want kids and parents alike to know that secrets kill. I have said this to several already but just feel like I could scream it from the mountain top if given the chance. These sweet babies of ours cannot handle all that the world throws at them by themselves. I hope the students affected by the loss of Kyle are able to be there for each other, but that for matters they need help with that they will please, please, please, go to someone more spiritually mature than themselves. Donavan keeps hoping to get across that any embarrassment or shame they may feel about any issue or sin can be overcome by the love their parents have for them not to even mention the redeeming power of God. Folks, Kyle really did have everything -- a family that loved him, salvation from God, and friends that cared about him. He just needed direction for some issues we didn't know about. He had the most powerful weapon in the universe but didn't have the knowledge to access it the way he needed to. It was like having a light saber and not knowing how to turn it on. Kids, tell someone with more knowledge than you what's going on and get the help you need (someone you actually know, not just some 'friend' online, please), because you are loved and have a purpose for your life through Christ! Parents, be even more nosey about what your child is doing especially online. We thought we had filters and safeguards in place but we were behind the curve and it cost us too, too dearly. Please, just hear this broken mommy's heart that only wants good for these dear children and loving parents. Thank you so much all of you for continuing to hold us up in prayer and for just loving us and showing us how much you loved Kyle too. The honesty, brokenness, and just realness you have used to love us with has been amazing. Just thank you for bearing our pain with us.



Matthew 5:14

John 10:10




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