We are tremendously proud of the 2017 recipients of the Kyle Leonard
Memorial Scholarships----Emily Banks Church of Houston Academy and Tucker Driskell of Wicksburg High School.  Congratulations and good luck!


 ROK Productions Inc. is a non-profit organization  established  in 2015 to help save lives and to make lives better.   We hope to save lives by raising awareness of suicide and suicide prevention.  Suicide takes more lives each year than homocide and traffic fatalities, but goes largely unnoticed to the public. The stigma of suicide and depression has prevented open conversation on the subject, and we hope to open the door to discussion on this topic.   This is accomplished through partnering with local and national organizations such as our area mental health center and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.   We also strive to make lives better  by providing college scholarships to graduating seniors in Houston County through the Kyle Leonard Memorial Scholarship.   Starting in 2016, two graduating seniors from any high school located in Houston County, Alabama will receive scholarships funded by ROK Productions.  Perhaps this will help propel them to make a special mark on the world.   By raising money through Christian Rock concerts and various other events, we desire to see lives saved and changed for years to come!

Keep checking our Events page as we solidify the details for upcoming events.